rebEL to ConfOrM

SquANDer pilOTS:
so, LIKE, whaT?

SquANDer PILots is two men MAKIng A variety Of NoISES to STAve off tHE encRoAchIng enNui.

We started up in Glasgow many moons ago as a jangly indie-type band. We were essentially pointless. Then we embraced drum machines and turned into something quite good and started a rumour that we were Icelandic because why not. Then we got tired and depressed, which provided the vital spark of misery that turned our music into heavy electronic dub-pop, which totally works but does tend to make people ask us if we're feeling OK.

There used to be four of us. We released an album. It was so good half the band quit in sheer ecstasy. So we fucked off for a while, but we are totally back. There are now two of us, and, why, yes, certainly we have names. We are:

5 3alUn

AlUN sings and plays guITar And IpAD anD stufF.

jO2 4

Jo plays KEYbOardS anD drUM MACHINEs aND handLEs the laptoppy SIDe OF THIngS aND SinGs lesS than aluN.

Modern life being awesome, we rarely actually meet these days. So our music is made using guitars, computers, and the magic of telecommunications.

peoPle do say sOMe loveLY tHIngs

At some point, that Making Music magazine crowned us Demo Of The Month and said "Radiohead would kill to be this cool", which was nice of them, and ultimately Radiohead didn't, which was nice of them. Jockrock called us "Scotland's one-band answer to the Bristol sound" and said we make "effortless, punter-friendly electronic pop". The "effortless" bit isn't true, but hey, still nice. Drowned In Sound said we were "like a baby wolf". Not sure what they were on about there, frankly.

but it'S ultimateLY juST danCING aboUT ARChitectUrE

There's really no point our trying to describe our music with words when you could just click the big fat MUSIC link at the top of the page and find out for yourself. Go on.

YOu acTUalLy

REALLY? after aLl this?

Well, OK, then. Seriously, we'd love to hear from you. For a given value of "you".

You can contact us pretty efficiently via our Facebook page, or

cOnfOrm tO rebEl