rEbel tO coNFORM

thiS Is nOT a
remIx comPETitIoN

bUt you can remix our STUFf youRSELF, beCAuse thIS is tHe twenty-first CenTuRY, dAmMIT.

It's not a competition as there is no prize (and, indeed, no closing date). But we promise we will tell you and everyone we know if we love your work. And we know quite literally some people.

THE deal IS:

we release a couple of mixes of each of our songs, which you can listen to and obviously adore. Then we give away a lot of their sonic ingredients, and you, if you're into that sort of thing, can make your own version, because you didn't really adore our attempts at all and frankly think you can do better. Around this point, some tosser usually uses the word "paradigm".

IT'S A New pARADIgm of social inTERactIVE MedIa consUMPtioN

Yeah, like that. Anyone uses a sentence like that at you, tell them to fuck off.

2 2 FuN

Rather, it's just fun. We want you to have fun with our music, and we want to have fun listening to you having fun with our music.

They're hardly onerous, but there are still a couple of

TERms O conDItIONs  


These audio files are ours. They're like our kids: wherever they go, we want to hear from them. So, whether you remix one of our songs or just use some of our audio as a sample in your own music (which is cool too), please credit the result to Squander Pilots (with a link to, upload it to Soundcloud, and place it in the Squander Pilots: Reused & Abused Soundcloud group.


We give you all this audio for free. In return, you use it for free. If you want to use our sound for something significantly lucrative, you'll need to pay us. Please get in touch and we'll work it out. We're terribly reasonable.

ok, THAT'S tHaT oUT Of tHE wAY

lET's gEt on wIth thIS


( 152.5 bpm )

The song that took just too damn long.

Yeah, we got a bit carried away with remixing this one ourselves. Spent well over a year on it in the end. Which is why we have almost 2GB of noises for you to download.

Because there's so much material, we've set up two different sort of levels of expertise, as it were. All the files are set up as stems (i.e., they're all the same length, so put them into your software all starting at the same point and they should synchronise with each other no problem). First, if you just want pretty much everything, grab these files and get going:

Those are taken from both of our mixes of Finally, so there's a lot more material there than just one mix's worth. We haven't mixed these tracks down much — we have, for instance, provided all five separate layers of the robot vocals — so you've got a hell of a lot of scope for playing around.

For those of you who think, entirely reasonably, that that's just ridiculous, we've narrowed it down to 12 somewhat more mixed tracks and put them on this bit of Soundcloud. Here they are:

let uS KNOw how YOU GEt on.

aND have FUN.

cOnfORm tO rebEl