REBel to coNform

yOu geT TO lIStEn

we DO oUR damneDEST tO put THE right sounds iN THe RIght order, jusT So that YOU — YES, you — can enjoy tHis WebPAge.

Most of these songs are available to download as well as to stream. Because we're like that.


We've somewhat generously done three mixes of this song.

First, we made the Decade Mix: classic, if rather intricate, Squander Pilots.

Then we made it heavier: we spent a year building an actual army of robots to do vocals on the Robot Army mix. Getting them all into the recording studio was a logistical nightmare, but at least they had built-in microphones.

The Acappella Mix is frankly just showing off, but hey, it's our website. It really is just vocals, though.


We have twice now remixed songs by the excellent Lamb, who are obviously a bit of an influence on us.

soME old stuFf

A couple of our old songs here, from when Donna was still our singer.

Given was our first single. It's a duet between Donna and Colin, our erstwhile bassist. This song marked the moment when we realised we knew what we were doing.

Condiment was one of our first songs, and a live favourite. Traditional thudding dance music plus a guitar riff. This remix was done by the Glasgow band Gum, and is excellent.


cOnform tO rEbeL