Kanye West is currently undergoing public reckoning. On October 3, the “Hurricane” hitmaker came into public criticism during his Yeezy Paris Fashion Week show after he attended the show wearing a shirt with the writing “White Lives Matter” at the back while an irony featuring a black model on it. This phrase was used by white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups responding to the utterance that went viral dubbed “Black Lives Matter.” Since the fiasco, the rapper has been experiencing a huge backlash from both celebrities and fans online.

However, things didn’t end there for the renowned rapper; after downing his comments on his Instagram account, he again took to Twitter with his antisemitic phrases in his tweet, then amplified even much louder in interviews. Companies and the public reacted swiftly, including Balenciaga, The Gap, and so on – which meant that all the contracts and deals were being ended for the rapper.

According to Forbes, the Ye Adidas deal was also terminated on October 25 because the brand doesn’t tolerate anything close to hate speed. This means that the rapper has lost his billionaire status because his net worth shot down to $400 million, and as a result, his billionaire status was dropped from the Forbes list.

And since then, Adidas has opened a critical investigation to determine the utterances that Kanye West has shown even during meetings conducted by Adidas involving its employees. Also, people in his circle, including Julia, who is her ex, and Fox – Pusha T, have also hugely stayed away from the rapped. A dinner on November 22 between the Rapper and Donald Trump has also been hugely denounced. Aside from brands, documentaries have also declined to play his clips, and even using his music in any space has been reverted. Kanye West has undergone great consequences that he himself didn’t expect.

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